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Establish your brand presence with ITS. We offer top-of-the-class website maintenance services in Kolkata, India

Website Maintenance

The major element in keeping your site afresh and updated is website maintenance. Without regular and consistent website maintenance the developed site becomes no less than a stagnant brochure. This reduces the traffic and eventually harms the business growth. So, your website always needs to appear updated and informed. A regular updated site attracts the customers.

The most common problem faced by business owner is keeping the website regularly updated. So, ITS has come with the website design and maintenance service – now you can concentrate on your business and let us handle the website related issues. With us, you can do away with hiring a costly web developer for your website maintenance. We offer high quality website maintenance and management programs at competitive rates.

Our website maintenance includes making changes in the content, adding new website pages, altering the existing page, redesigning the web pages etc. on a monthly basis. No matter whether it is website redesigning or updating the web content, we work keeping in mind the SEO guidelines.

Why do website maintenance from ITS?

  • We make the website functional for 24×7 hours
  • We ensure accurate functioning of the site
  • We give you best ROI from the site
  • We ensure regular traffic generation on your website
  • We ensure you get a long-term working relation with your client
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Website maintenance strategies

  • Removing fault from the site
  • Removing unwanted codes from the site
  • Updating textual matters regularly on the website
  • Generating traffic report on the website
  • Keeping the design layout of the site intact, regular changing of graphics
  • Responding quickly to any tech-related issues that arise from the site
  • Checking irregular or broken links on the website


We severely deject intervention of any 3rd party on our prevailing codes, once you agree with us for a website maintenance contract.

  • For content and graphics update, the materials needs to be provided by the client
  • We are not responsible for web-server downtime.
  • Extra charge would be taken for any additional module on the site