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Look no more for bespoke reverse auction software solutions in India; reverse auction software from ITS constitutes online auction script and auction demo

Reverse Auction Software

Reverse auctions are very popular nowadays. In reverse auctions, the seller of the goods or service does the bidding whereas the buyer chooses the winning vendor. Reverse auctions are not like traditional auctions. Here the service provider is not only chosen based on their bid amount. The buyer chooses the winner basing on certain criteria like vendor reputation, qualifications, price etc. So, in reverse auctions the lowest or the highest bidder is not claimed as the winner.

To conduct these reverse auctions, businesses need to spend money in developing reverse auction software. So, are you looking for a marketplace where you can enjoy real time reverse auctions? We can help you achieve your mission by developing effective and functional reverse auction software in India.

We are a market leader in providing bespoke reverse auction software solutions in India. With our software solutions, you can reduce expenses and streamline bid collection procedure. We guarantee quick results.

Our Reverse Auction Services

  • Auction planning
  • Auction setup
  • Initial strategy development
  • Consulting
  • Supplier training and support
  • Execution of auction
  • Final analysis reports

How We Help You?

We help you in developing easy to use software for your needs. The software we develop will enable you to make RFX proposals, collaborative requests for quotes, sealed bids, do real time chat etc. ITSININDIA provides both B2C and B2B solutions. With our solutions, you’ll be able to review proposals. Make direct and indirect purchases and choose proper vending sources. The best part about our reverse auction services is that we develop custom software at a very low cost for our clients.

Features of Our Reverse Auction Software

  • Web based SAAS solution
  • Multiple Auction Formats
  • Multi-Currency Bidding
  • Multi Lingual Interface
  • Customizable Interface
  • Quick negotiation
  • Bid analysis
  • Real time bidding

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