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Get best payroll management software solution in India for handling multiple buisness needs from ITSININDIA, maker of best payroll accounting software in Kolkata

Payroll Software

Are you running an enterprise? Is it large, small or in a phase of expansion? Whatever is its size, a lot of data pertaining to payroll and human resource is surely generated. Managing all these database and abundant information is a difficult task. We understand how herculean job it is. Hence, we at ITSININDIA have come up with the best payroll management software solution in India for handling your needs.

We deliver affordable payroll software solution to our clients all over the world. We use latest technology and a highly skilled team of experts for undertaking all tasks in financial accounting and payroll processing.

Our main aim is to: -

Lessen the price of payroll processing and accounting in large, medium and small sized companies. Ease the burden on accounting and HR departments of an organization. Improve the timeliness and quality of financial accounting and payroll processing strictly compliant with the statutory needs.

When you choose us for your needs related to payroll software system, you will have the peace of mind of being free from the frustrations and difficulties of running the accounting and HR departments of your organization. Instead, you can concentrate on the activities that actually help in your business growth.

Payroll Solution Provided:

  • Payroll handling based on documents collected from customer (salary structure, attendance etc)
  • Generation of reports (bank letter, salary register, pay slip etc)
  • Statutory reports generation related to PF, IT, ESIC, PT
  • Sending IT computation sheet and pay slip to staffs through email
  • Calculating IT based on tax and salary related savings

Optional web based ESS facility, which provides:

  • Combined salary details, IT computation sheet and salary slip
  • Opportunity to employees for editing information
  • Opportunity to view actual tax related saving details
  • Opportunity to make compensation claims and assess its report
  • Loan information
  • Leave management

Our clients have always been satisfied with the payroll software. Here is a feedback from one of our customers.

“It is a great payroll software. Excellent customer support.I am very much impressed with the user friendly feature of this software.” —- John

Payroll Software Features

Our payroll software is very easy to use. It’s features include one click salary processing, user defined salary structure, salary heads, formula, customizable pay slips, calculation history for every pay slip, modification history for payroll data etc.

  • Ensure accurate and timely processing of HR and Payroll processes
  • Ensure all Statutory Compliances
  • Generate an online claims and reimbursement settlement process
  • Implement an automated/SMS-based attendance process
  • Introduce an online performance management system
  • Create an automated recruitment system
  • Provide online training content & delivery

■ Employee Self Service (ESS)

> (Including Personal Information Management System)

> HR-related processes:

  • Design of customized ESS portal carrying Sahaj logo (log-in page also to display Sahaj logo only)

■ Finance-Related Processes

■ e-Separation (F&F)

■ Leave Management

■Payroll Processing

> Finance-Related Processes

■ Attendance

■ Reimbursements

> HR-Related Processes

>Finance-Related Processes

■ Performance Management System

■ Recruitment

■ SMS-Based Attendance & Daily Sales Reporting

■ Training & Development

■ System-Based Interactive Learning Programs

■ Payroll Reports Required

  • Monthly Salary Sheet
  • Income List
  • Deduction list
  • Salary Ledger
  • Salary Payment Advice
  • PF Report
  • PF Ledger
  • PTAX Ledger
  • TDS Ledger
  • In ESI Report
  • ESI Ledger
  • Deduction list
  • Labor W F Ledger
  • Pay Slip
  • Monthly PF Challan
  • Monthly PF Return
  • Form 3A
  • Form 6A
  • Monthly ESI Challan
  • Half yearly ESI Return

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