HR Management System

HR Management System

ITS aims to streamline and integrate various HR processes through a web- based technology in order to provide easier & faster HR-related services to its internal customers (the employees) and its business partners (the VLEs). ITS wants to achieve this objective by deploying a very simple, user friendly, lightweight system that automates HR functions for the entire employee life cycle – right from hire-to-retire. ITS has the following main objectives for implementing an integrated Human Resource Management System (HRMS):

  • Ensure accurate and timely processing of HR and Payroll processes
  • Ensure all Statutory Compliances
  • Generate an online claims and reimbursement settlement process
  • Implement an automated/SMS-based attendance process
  • Introduce an online performance management system
  • Create an automated recruitment system
  • Provide online training content & delivery

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HR-related processes

Design of customized ESS portal carrying ITS logo (log-in page also to display ITS logo only)

Central repository of HR policies & forms (to be uploaded in PDF format)

Central repository of HR policies & forms (to be uploaded in PDF format)

Maker-checker facility for employee creation

Employee data creation and / or approval

Facility to update Training Needs Identification after first log-in of employee for new joinees

Employee Master (for HR Administrators to access)

Confirmation appraisal set to flow to reporting authority 1 month prior to confirmation date with reminders at weekly intervals

Record of disciplinary actions like warning, show-cause, suspension to be maintained with link to PMS for use during appraisal

Facility for circulating mass email / SMS / in-house surveys to employees through pre-designed template

Graduate / Post-graduate degree and stream to be captured through drop-down menus

PAN to be captured mandatorily at the time of employee creation itself

Undertakings to be read and signed by employee on date of first log-in compulsorily

On-line Employee Help Desk with automatic FAQ updation

Employee Records & Personal Details (For Employees to access) : with access rights as set by HR Administrators

Facility for updation of changes in personal profile (change of name
/address / contact numbers, new qualification attained, change in marital status, addition in family) to be uploaded with documentary proof by

Facility for all updations by employee to be uploaded in the system only after verification by HR Administrator

Facility to freeze specified fields after initial upload of employee details

Facility to map the flow of the Internal Job Posting applications and the Employee Referral Form to HR Administrators

Facility for employee to update Salary account number (on allotment) and mapping of the workflow to HR, Accounts, Cynergyis

Facility to auto-update Promotions/ Increments / Transfers

Finance-related processes

Creation of new Business Unit, Cost Centre, Location should interface between ORACLE and HRMS

Any new employee creation in HRMS should trigger creation of a new vendor under ORACLE

Prior to / at the time of employee code creation, the approvals must flow from the concerned functional & administrative authorities for owning the employee under their Cost Centre

The Employee Code, Business Unit, Cost Centre, Location at the time of any new employee creation / any change in employee status later on should be interfaced between HRMS and ORACLE

Any modification in Business Unit, Cost Centre, Location under ORACLE should be interfaced with HRMS & should flow automatically from ORACLE to HRMS

The Business Unit, Cost Centre, Location (State & RCC both) should be picked up by the HRMS from the Location Master interfaced with ORACLE

Employee transfers should be interfaced between HRMS & ORACLE to capture changes in Business Unit, Cost Centre, Location from the effective date of transfer

e-Separation (F&F)

Online resignation process with workflow to administrative reporting authority, functional reporting authority and HR

Online clearance process (set defined duration to start process prior to last date of employee)

Facility to put automatic salary hold on resignation cases

Facility to adjust any material/assets/advances provided to employee while processing the F&F

Facility to automatically prevent employee from logging onto system with effect from date of separation through employee de-activation

System-based process for F&F settlement and generation of relieving/experience letter

Leave balances on advance / pro rata / accumulated / accrued basis with monthly and yearly rests

Leave application workflow to be set to administrative reporting authority with intimation to functional authority and auto-escalation to higher level after certain time-period

Leave balance upload on ESS and pay slip

Leave taken during the leave calendar & balance available to be displayed under ESS

Compensatory Off facility to be pre-set in the system

Feature for pop-up on expiry of leave in any particular category

HR-related processes

Collation of monthly inputs required for Payroll processing

Statutory Compliances related to Payroll (to include generation of statements for PF, PT, Labor Welfare & Income Tax)

Salary payout (through ECS & cheque) with workflow to Accounts

Benefits processes : Superannuation, Gratuity, Group Insurance

Personal Taxation & Tax Deductions for Employees

Salary Master, Allowances and Deductions Master, Loans Master (with reports as per attached Excel format)

Incentive calculations to be linked to data flowing in from Sales/Marketing team

Finance-related processes

Facility to make the Income List and the Deduction List configurable to accommodate future requirements of adding more elements as & when needed. Facility for setting work flows along with requisite approval process to avoid wrong data updates

All elements under the Income List and the Deduction List will be administered through a Master that will be provided by F&A Department

All GL codes for each element under the Income List and the Deduction List will be interfaced between ORACLE and HRMS. Two employees from F&A Department to be given the rights as maker/checker for this purpose

Facility to upload Excel file into HRMS for incentive payouts. Workflows to be defined to capture the requisite approvals from concerned HOD, HR
& F&A prior to releasing the payout

There would be one single JV for salary processing instead of individual vouchers. All incentives would be processed along with salary. In case of

any incentive processing, an additional column will be added for incentives into the above-mentioned JV

Facility to generate monthly report on all salary-hold cases

Facility to automatically capture all elements that are taxable (e.g. Salary Advance/Loan) and to these are to interface between HRMS and ORACLE

Facility for each location (as per grading of cities) to reflect an employee’s HRA eligibility and accordingly his/her limit for HRA claims to be set under the HRMS

Salary Master, AllFacility to generate monthly report on all salary-hold cases

Facility to automatically capture all elements that are taxable (e.g. Salary Advance/Loan) and to these are to interface between HRMS and ORACLE

Facility for each location (as per grading of cities) to reflect an employee’s HRA eligibility and accordingly his/her limit for HRA claims to be set under the HRMS

The tax declaration and supporting documents submitted by employee need to be verified and approved by F&A Department before final upload in the HRMS. The verifier should be able to reject or finalize employee’s submission with intimation to employee

Facility to upload input from new employee about his/her income proof from previous employer for tax calculation purposes during the financial year

Facility for TDS to be computed & processed through the HRMS and the information on submission with Govt. should interface between ORACLE and HRMS

Report for quarterly TDS payments should be generated in Excel file through the HRMS

Facility to generate Form-16 immediately on completion of F&F settlement

Facility for online Gratuity calculation & application

Capturing of attendance data from access control system directly (at HO, DC & SHOs) on real time basis

Uploading attendance data from Excel for all other locations

Attendance regularization facility through ESS

HR-related processes

Facility to submit bills online and the software to check employee-specific limits. The settlement should get reflected in the Non-CTC claim reimbursement module on real-time basis

Claim re-imbursement with payout frequency to be set at monthly, quarterly or yearly rests

Set limits to each claim type, which can be tax exempt, and in case an employee has not given the supporting for the same then should be automatically paid in March after making it taxable.

Drop-down categories for travel reasons, with workflow to Admin & Accounts

Auto-escalation of employee request to higher level in case of delay in approval, beyond specific period

Facility to set functionality that tour request form is to be received specified number of days in advance; else the system will not accept the request. Override facility to be available in case of emergency tours.

Facility to maintain history of all requests

Finance-related processes

All GL codes for reimbursement claims / advances / cash imprest require to be interfaced between ORACLE and HRMS

All reimbursement claims / advances require to be interfaced between HRMS & ORACLE and vice-versa for lodging claims & settlements respectively

All employee CTC and Non-CTC related claims require to be serially numbered automatically by the system, with separate serial codes for CTC and for Non-CTC related claims

Non-CTC reimbursements will consist of (a) local conveyance, (b) outstation travel and (c) cash imprest / advance for official expenses. The standardized travel requisition & claim formats will be provided by F&A Department for upload into the HRMS. Two mandatory fields – purpose & amount of advance – are to be incorporated into the online travel requisition form in the HRMS

Facility to capture any existing advance, along with aging, on the date of Go-Live and every time thereafter

Facility for provisioning (under ORACLE) for CTC and Non-CTC related claims/reimbursements related to submissions pending to be verified

Tracking of all verifications, approvals, settlements on the claims submitted should be available to the employee, concerned reporting authorities, HR and F&A Departments through interface between ORACLE and HRMS

Facility for employee to download payment-wise statements

Goal setting and appraisals based on Balanced Score Card (BSC)

KRAs to be set by self, then reviewed / finalized by administrative reporting authority and functional reporting authority

Mapping employees to multiple appraisers: self-appraisal, followed by appraisal from both functional as well as administrative reporting authority

Appraisers to be assigned different weightages

Facility to select whether one appraiser can view the other appraiser’s evaluation or not

Facility in the final appraisal form for the appraisal committee to review / moderate the scores of the appraisee and the appraisers

Facility to take care of role changes or changes in reporting authority within the same appraisal period

Role-end appraisal when employee gets transferred during the year and this appraisal to get pro-rata weightage during the year-end appraisal

Uploading of past PMS data (FY 2008-09 onwards)

Uploading of the Half-Yearly Review data

Result of PMS to flow to training engine & translate into training needs of an employee

Mapping of employee training needs & development of training calendar

Calculation of fixed pay & variable pay based on appraisal ratings

Calculation of impact on salary bill : pre-and-post PMS

Facility to link with online job portals & ITS website

Resume Tracker

Resume Parser

Duplication Check

Interview Scheduling & Feedback

Generation of e-Appointment Letters

Joining Checklists

Salary Structuring (including fixed & variable pay)

Manpower Planning & Budgeting

Asset Allocation & Tracking


Attendance View & Reports

Integration with current SMS-based reporting system in use by ITS

Training Calendar – with training topic hierarchies including category and sub-category

Formula-based training cost heads and the cost structure for each of these heads

Training needs identification question group – for filling up TNI forms

Set details of the internal or external training faculty including training topics/fees charged/number of programs conducted.

Facility for HR to nominate employees for a training program

Facility for participants to provide training feedback of the program online and facility for the faculty to also rate the performance of the participants

Evaluation of actual cost of the training programs conducted

Facility for employee to view the training program calendar online and facility for self-nominations

System-based Interactive Learning Programs

Content uploading and delivery of interactive training programs to employees & VLEs

Facility to capture attendance of VLE through HRMS log-in