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Searching for affordable health care management software solutions in Kolkata, India? We're specialists in health care software development

Hospital Management Software

Our Hospital Management software in India has been skillfully designed for healthcare facilities. The software provides the finest messaging and automation system. The solution is scalable and reliable and has been developed focusing on the present day’s complicated stipulations and processing requirements. Itis designed in an intranet/internet environment and has the capacity of running on any kind of browser. It uses a browser-oriented interface and allows the users to navigate to context quickly, thus reducing elongated periods of user-oriented education.

Features of Our Hospital Management Software

  • Designed to offer latest and sophisticated web tools, the software aims to provide absolute quality in managing patients
  • Concentrates on maintaining a superb coordination between the healthcare facilities and subscribers
  • Our Hospital Management Solutions are “patient centric”.
  • The software offers subscribers’ online integrated details to healthcare centers, allowing trades with business partners through smooth connectivity with privacy and robust security features.
  • The features, solutions and technology are aimed to provide unlimited scalability.
  • It is highly efficient and delivers excellent customer service in information broadcasting and recording thus lessening errors.


  • Admission
  • Appointment
  • Department
  • Room/ward/Bed Management
  • Radiology, neurology, orthopedic
  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory
  • Accounting
  • Employee
  • Billing
  • Administration
  • Reports and findings

What our users say?

“I am using your hospital management solutions for the last one month. It is really fantastic. It is very easy to use. I will surely recommend your software to all my friends, who are in look out of a Hospital Management Software in India at an affordable price.”— Kemuel

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