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Seamlessly manage your business using top-of-the-class ERP solutions from ITS the best ERP consultancy services in Kolkata

ERP Solution

What is ERP Software?

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is the software that manages a business using some integrated applications. It integrates each phase of an operation, including marketing, sales, manufacturing, and development. With the growing popularity of ERP methodology, these software applications have been developed to help managers in their organizational activities in areas like inventory control, product planning, accounting, material purchasing, marketing, distribution, HR, and finance. The main aim of ERP solution is to provide a centralized warehouse for all kinds of information, to be shared by different ERP facets. This contributes to the smooth flow of organizational data. Depending upon the size of the organization, ITS, one of the leading ERP solution providers in India, offers different tiers of ERP software solution.

Benefits of ERP Development Services

Our ERP software solution is time-tested and easy for implementation; it comes with training aids, so that you can run it in record time. It comes in modular basis, so you can select as per your business requirements. It is cost-effective as well. The software comes with user-friendly interface, multiple currency support, multi-levels of security authentication, reminders and alerts, drill-down analysis, collaboration and communication tools, and many more. Our ERP solution software would cut down unnecessary costs and bring a drastic improvement into the business operations.

Our ERP Software Modules

  • Sales & Marketing Module
  • Purchase Module
  • Inventory/Stores Module
  • Finance/Accounting Module
  • HR & Payroll Module
  • Production Planning Module
  • Production Module
  • Maintenance Module
  • Administration Module

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