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College Management Software

Thousands of students queue up every year to collect admission forms submit them. Managing the entire scenario becomes a problematic affair for the college. Students and parents also get annoyed queuing up for collecting and submitting the forms. Understanding what people feel at this time, we have come up with school/college software. It is an online application that helps to manage students, staffs, teachers and more in a college easily. All the functions such as student admissions, enquirers, fees collection, registration, library, timetable, payroll, attendance, examination, canteen and campus are best managed by using this software.

Why You Need a College Management Software?

It is not at all an easy task to manage a college. There are almost thousands students and a number of staff members and teachers in a college. Maintaining the attendance of all the teachers and staffs, managing the administration, admission, financials, daily activities, examinations, employees payroll system manually becomes a very hectic task. Furthermore, managing the data of all the stakeholders all by your own can be a time-consuming and complicated affair.

It becomes important to install college management software system to establish a good repute of the college. By having the software, all the information regarding the students, teachers, staffs and other things becomes accessible with just a few clicks. Managing and taking care of all the departments and functions of a college becomes easy with the installation of the college software.

Benefits of School & College Admission Software

With school/college admission software problems like printing forms, handling queries and distributing forms, collecting forms, sort listing candidates no longer exists. The installation of college admission software have minimized human involvement, paperwork, data redundancy, cost of the process, turnaround time and have maximized the availability, accuracy, transparency and reliability for the entire admission procedure.

Candidates do not need to queue up as they can fill up the admission form online and submit it online as well. After submitting the form successfully, the candidates can even make the payment of the form online. They will generally receive a form no. against which the individual needs to pay. The institutes can even get the application fees via online. We usually help them integrate the payment gateway. Merit list is generated and published on the website. The school & college admission software can be programmed to notify the candidates electronically about the admission process’s outcome.

Activities/Departments of School & College Managed by our College Software

Our school & college management software in Kolkata contains powerful modules that cover every department and function of a school & college. Following are some of the major modules of our software:

  • Students Attendance System
  • Institute Accounting Software
  • Student Enquiries Software
  • Staff Management Software
  • Entrance Test & Merit Lists
  • Library Management Software
  • Student Registration
  • School/College Admission Software India
  • Fees Collection
  • Staff Attendance
  • Academics
  • Payroll
  • Recruitment Management
  • Administration
  • Events Management
  • School & College Administration Software

How to Computerize Your School & College Quickly?

Getting started with our school/college management software is an easy task. You can start using it just in 1 day without any lengthy format training. Follow the basic steps to implement the software in your school and college:

  • Buy the software from us
  • Install it at your computer as well as network
  • Setup its configuration
  • Enter student master data
  • Start using the different modules of software

If you need a free demonstration of online school and college management software system, call now 033-4007-0952 or submit a request for proposal.

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